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  • Do not use staff abilities to benefit yourself off-duty in any way.
  • Do not use staff abilities to help your friends.
  • Do not engage in RP while on duty.
  • All bans must be posted to the BanLog bot on Discord (#bans pinned messages)
  • Always be respectful and helpful to fellow staff members and players.
  • Do not take any witnesses to sits, this is not allowed
  • Do not punish someone twice for the same incident.
  • If you cannot be online for ~5 days contact HoS/Owner and notify them
  • Do not punish a fellow staff member. Contact HoS/Owner
  • Avoid taking sits with your friends/gang members in as it can be classed as bias (exception if you are the only staff online)
  • Do not punish someone for staff-disrespect, this is something you should expect to happen
  • If someone is causing you problems, such as threatening to get you demoted/report you, contact a higher up staff member.
  • A player is welcome to report you on the forums, your higher ups will deal with the decision
  • It is also your job to help out your fellow staff. Do not bully people of a lower rank or they'll take your place
  • Do not decide what happens in a sit until you hear both sides
  • You cannot be staff on another Community without being approved for it by the HoS or Owners.
  • All staff must be on the Nightwatch Discord
  • Do not take your own sit. Only exception would be if you are the only staff online/there is a mass rule breaker
  • Higher up staff always have the final say, never argue with a higher ups decision.