Staff Application.

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In-Game Name: Loaf of Beans.

Playtime (!playtime):

Warns (screenshot):

Age: 13.

Describe yourself: My Name Is Jesse Mcclure Im The Age Of 13 And I Live With My Mum And I'm From The UK Got Kicked Out Of School Last Year And Im not Proud Of It And I Have a lot Of Free Time To Play Games I Mainly Spend Time In My Room Playing Games So If I Become Moderator I Will Be Able To Help The Staff Team Because Im Always Active.

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:505420548

Steam URL:

Discord Username: Not Loaf of Beans#1016.

Past experience as staff? What server and position: I Never Been a Staff Of Any Kind On Any Server Would Love To Be One Though.

Do you have a microphone: Yes I Have a Microphone.

Why do you want to join our staff team: So i can help out the players and also the staff when no ones on and would love to get to know the staff team better and also learn how to be a staff.

What could you bring to our team: Im always active on the server and i would be another staff to help out and i wont be magma 2.0 (tbh i cant do much as i've never been a staff on any server lol).

Timezone: GMT

Have you ever been kicked/banned? If so, why and do you regret what you did: I Have Never Been Kicked/Banned

Do you have experience with mLogs? I Have No Experience With mLogs.

Do you have experience with ULX? No I Have No Experience With ULX.

What does !gag do? It Mute The Players Voice Chat

What does !mute do? It Mutes The Players Game Chat

What does !menu do? It Opens The Staffs Admin GUI That Lets Them Do Things Such As Cloak Gag Or Mute Player Along with More Stuff.

What does !xban do? Lets You Normal Ban Or Temp Ban Players.

How do you warn someone? !warn [Player] [Reason] (i think its that or you open the warn GUI and u warn them from there).

Give an example of the next few questions and explain what they are and how you would deal with it

NLR: New Life Rule, New life rule means you forget everything that happened in your past life and wont engage in any of the rp that happened to you before you died (also cant go back to the place u died for 3 minutes). For There First Offence i would give a verbal warning, if its a Major Offence Such as Braking NLR x4 i Would Jail for 300 Seconds Then Kick if they do it again. 

RDM: Random Deathmatch. Random Deathmatch is where you attack/kill someone for no rp related reason. For The First Offence i would give them a Verbal-Warning second offence a Verbal-Warning then a warn, For a Major Offence such as RDM x7 i would Temp Ban for 48 Hours.

RDA: Random Arrest. Random Arrest is where u go around arresting people for no rp related reasons. First Offence i would verbal-warning second i would give another verbal-warning then a Warning, For There Major Offence Such As RDA x4 i would Jail them for 300 Seconds Then Kick.

LTAP: Leaving To Avoid Punishment, LTAP is where the player leaves the game while in a sit/jail to avoid the punishment. if its a minor offence i would give a Verbal-Warning but if the sit is a major offence such as Mass RDM x6 i would Jail for 300 Seconds or temp ban for 12 Hours.

Harassment: Harassing Playing Using Voice Chat Or In Game Chat. If there harassing a player using voice chat i would gag them for a hour but if they keep doing it i will warn then jail for 120 seconds. 

Anything else?: Haven't been in school for over a year so my grammar might be bad. xD

Do you understand any form of abuse with your rank could lead to demotion and possibly a ban from the server? Yes Admin abusing such as removing players props false banning/warning/kicking or flying around without being on duty.

idk why some of the text is black xd
Staff Requirements: "Must be at least 14 years old"

all i gotta say.
(04-27-2021, 08:00 PM)FaZe Osu! Aim Wrote: Staff Requirements: "Must be at least 14 years old"

all i gotta say.

The HoS can make exceptions
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its just to much time for jail so just go read the punishments but overall pretty good and good luck
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(04-29-2021, 10:20 AM)Black King Wrote: its just to much time for jail so just go read the punishments but overall pretty good and good luck

i put a long-jail bc its a major offence but ok i will have a look

We are going to be denying your application at this time. This is due to lack of detail in your application. You may reapply in 2 weeks.

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